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Optilon faces major exciting challenges. We often look for motivated and competent people who are interested in working as a salesman or consultant in Supply Chain Optimization and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Optilon customers are medium-sized and large companies in manufacturing and trading.

Our mission is to find solutions to our clients’ challenges and improve their processes in planning and logistics.

Read more about our vacancies and how it is to work at Optilon in co-worker stories.


Inventory optimization and replenishment - Introduction to SO99+

Do you want to improve your understanding and skills about Inventory Optimization and Replenishment in SO99+?
We will during the day go through the basics, but also explore simulation options for different scenarios balancing stock vs. service targets and see how the system can be used in strategic decision making.

Supply Chain Guru - Introduction to Network Optimization

Join our basic one-day course which will give you an understanding of how you can work with supply chain design, using Supply Chain Guru as a tool for network optimization.


Introduction to Data Guru

Join our basic one-day course which will give you a deeper understanding of the potentials in Data Guru.


Demand planning - Introduction to SO99+

Welcome to participate in this on-day course where we will cover the different aspects of forecasting and demand planning in the tool SO99+. Demand planning is a vital part of Service Optimization and is a good introduction for the following course ”Inventory optimization and replenishment”.

Supply Chain Conference Student Contest

Supply Chain Conference Student Contest

What would you ask a Supply Chain Director at Amazon? Win tickets to this year’s Supply Chain Conference!

Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about work at Optilon, please contact Susanne Unghagen on +46 733 738 816 or hr@optilon.se.